Real Madrid ultras respond to Atletico stunt with disgraceful Anne Frank poster

Atletico Madrid ultra group incurred the disgust and ire of Spanish football on Thursday when a video emerged of an awful Vinicius Junior effigy. Real Madrid’s own ultra group responded ahead of the Madrid derby at the Santiago Bernabeu with an equally depressing stunt.

The Frente Atletico group, long-condemned and with links to the far right and nazism, are believed to be behind a large banner that hung from an overpass, reading ‘Madrid hates Real’. Below it hung a mannequin wearing Vinicius Junior shirt.

Now a photo has emerged of a man holding up a similarly awful poster. Allegedly put together and used by the Ultra Sur group, outside the Bernabeu appeared a poster associating Anne Frank with the Frente Atletico, as a means of insulting them.

The Ultra Sur group also have ties to the far-right and nazism. At the very least, they have been banned from the Bernabeu by the club, which is yet to happen at the Metropolitano with Frente.

One thing that is abundantly clear is that these two groups have far more in common than they do with the rest of their respective team’s fans, or the clubs themselves. In particular, that they should be kept as far away from football as possible.

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  1. wow Ruairidh so melodramatic, comedians can literally make jokes about anything including Anne Frank do you condemn them as well every time? At the very worst it’s a bad taste joke/insult, try not to fuel a hypocritical fire

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