Inter Miami tease Lionel Messi arrival with video poking fun at reports over Barcelona, Saudi Arabia moves

Speculation over Lionel Messi’s future has now been put to rest, with the man himself confirming that he will be joining Inter Miami once his Paris Saint-Germain contract expires at the end of this month.

Although Messi confirmed that a deal has not yet been finalised, Inter Miami have taken the opportunity to all-but-confirm the Argentine’s arrival.

In a video posted on the club’s official Twitter account, Inter Miami took the opportunity to mock a number of reports from over the last few months, which suggested that Messi would be heading to either Barcelona or Saudi Arabia.

It had appeared to be that Inter Miami was one of the more unlikely options for Messi, with Barcelona reportedly being his preferred choice, although a lack of guarantees over his registration put pay to a return this summer.

Inter Miami will certainly be thankful for Messi’s arrival, and they will hope that he can turn around their disappointing start to the MLS season. They currently sit 15th in the Eastern Conference, as well as 27th out of 29 in the Supporters Shield.

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  1. He’s basically in Miami by default, lol. Messi’s first choice was always Barca, and the whole world knows it. I get it, they’re excited, but seriously…?

  2. im actually very relieved and happy he went to miami tbh i just didnt understand barca trying so hard to bring him back this year and yes i know the sentimental reasons for the way he left and all but still it just didn’t make any sense to me,as ive said before i want barca to go for up and coming youth stars and prospects for the future and not old coming to the end of their careers players.we already have experienced players in the squad in lewandowski,ter stegan,sergi roberto and maybe even a few more coming in with possibly inigo martinez and ilkay gündoğan.although i do and will wish the we man all the very best in his new football challenge and adventure in miami.

    1. I somewhat agree, although let’s remember that he averaged a goal contribution per game this season at PSG, and Xavi would have known how best to use him. This is not a washed-up CR7 that’s desperately trying to remain relevant and have the club revolve around him; this is someone that can still contribute at a high level but wouldn’t demand to be the focal point of the game plan. I wish him well too, but this wasn’t just sentimental for Barca. Messi’s still good. and he would have helped the club on the pitch.

  3. I strongly agree with sam. Personally, i didnt want him to return. barca should sign young prospects or good middle-age players (like 25, 26-29 years of age) for the future.

    1. Barca “should” sign players like that, surely. But lets face the facts; right now they can’t. Their best strategy is to acquire the best players they can while at the same time lowering the overhead so that they CAN sign younger, talented players going forward. Messi would have come without a transfer fee, would have been able to play at the level needed, and would have played on a reduced contract. How many 25-29 year old players are you aware of that check all three of those boxes?

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